Beer Links!

- My go-to site for all things beer-related.  This is where I publish my own reviews (under JohnnyBarman), keep track of the beers I've tried or want to try, and obtain information about styles, breweries, homebrewing, storing, etc.  BA has literally everything you'll need to know about beer:   stats, photos, you name it.  Founders Todd and Jason Alstrom have done a fantastic job with this site, and I owe a great deal of my love for beer to their efforts.  Cheers lads!

- RateBeer is another popular beer resource and reviewing website, although I tend to prefer BeerAdvocate's rubric for reviewing over theirs.  Still, a great resource and way to find out about a beer you might want to try.

- CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) is an English advocacy group in support of traditional cask ales and ciders.  Their mission is to encourage English pubs to serve great local cask ales and to prevent the homogenization of British pub life.  Good information about pubs to visit in the UK, information about new brews and beer news.

Ontario Craft Brewers:
- News, updates, information on where to purchase Ontario brews, brewery tour info.

Canadian Beer News:
- pretty self-explanitory; another good resource.

Bar Towel:
- news from forum contributors, often the first place to get information on new releases, brewery changes, etc.  The proud Nerd Central for Canadian Beer Geeks.

Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter:
- The late Michael Jackson (1942-2007), better known as the "Beer Hunter", was one of the giants of beer journalism and criticism.  In the 1970s and 1980s, his books and columns on brewing styles, tasting methods and beer appreciation - particularly influential was his 1977 "World Guide to Beer" - opened up an entire world to beer enthusiasts.  Indeed, his writings are often credited as single-handedly jump starting the craft beer and Real Ale movements in his native England, and abroad.  This is a website dedicated to his columns, thoughts, and other information.

Beer Bloggers Conference and Complete List of Beer Blogs:

- A great site that contains links to mine, and other beer blogs, as well as to beer events and conferences.